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 The Low Budget Prepper 

Below is an analysis of what basic information we used to support a certain topic.  By no means are we suggesting that the information is fact or that it should be viewed as certainty.  This education segment is for all members and web site viewers who are interested in science and technology regarding preparedness.  For additional information on any of these topics you should conduct your own research.   

The Low Budget Prepper Video

Background Of a Low Budget Prepper:   Prepping on a budget is a skill that many people don’t have, or can’t imagine. They think that the only way to stock up and be prepared is to spend a lot of money.  Trying to prep while keeping costs low is all about effectively prioritizing what you buy.  No matter how elaborate your setup is or what fancy survival gear you have, none of that matters if you don’t have food or water.

That’s why it’s so important to prioritize food and water when prepping on a budget.  This isn’t an area where you want to sacrifice quality or efficiency for the sake of saving a few bucks.  It’s better to save money in other areas. 

Preparedness For Hard Times And Sustainability    

Our definition for "Preparedness" & "Sustainability", is based on meeting your own needs for you and your family without compromising the ability to continue this same practice for any given period of time.  In addition, this also means the need for social and economic resources.  Meaning, will you depend on people in your local community and or outside sources for food and or supplies.  

Products We Recommend For Low Budget Preppers 

This section is dedicated to all low budget preppers who are looking for low cost alternatives that can get them through a short or long term emergency.  If a person prepares beforehand, there are many options they can pick from.  The below items are just examples and suggestions of some of our products and manufacturer's items that we suggest for available alternatives.     

              Low Budget Electronic Items For Preppers