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Qychex Nonprofit Impact Programs

Through our Parent company Housing 4 Now Qychex has been at the forefront of Energy Technology for the past 8 Years.   Our mission at Qychex is to bring our customers into the 21th Century, with  knowledge of exciting new products and technology.  But our impact does not stop there, we have worked with some of the leading businesses and manufactures in the industry, such as: Home Depot; Lowes; Microsoft; Walmart; Staples; Chase Bank; General Electric; Sony; RCA; Bank Of America; Sylvania; and Arizona Federal Credit Union.    

Young Businesswomen

Code Red  -  Man Made Climate Change Disasters Video  | Aug 10, 2021

Climate Change & Environmental Research: 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So a video that demonstrates the irreversible effects of climate change, must be worth at least 5,000 words.  Therefore, when it comes to Climate Change and the devastating effects that has been brought about by mankind, we could not begin to teach what is really going on in this world at the present time without the help of this Code Red Climate Change Video.     

Program #1: Qychex Covid 19 Relief Fund (Nonprofits) 

The COVID-19 pandemic in the year of 2020, forced many nonprofits into remote work and services. Many were not prepared to do so, causing significant underlaying problems and business disruptions.  During this period, Qychex provided services, electrical items and lithium batteries for Off-Grid projects, to individuals who were in need of off grid power systems products.  Our volunteer help to personally get involved in these projects and programs was exciting.  Our recent efforts to help out when we could, brought peace of mind to many individuals who were tying to survive the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As a nonprofit agency our willingness to help out and to provide donated items and services, were greatly appreciated by all of the First Responders Law Enforcement Officials.     

Program #2:  Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support                               for Underserved Communities Through Government

From the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, various new programs are being developed to help local community businesses.  As a result they are requesting information and recommendations from a broad form of various public, private, advocacy, not-for-profit, and philanthropic sectors, including State, local, Tribal, and territorial areas, on available methods, approaches, and tools that could assist in this their efforts to reach out to more communities and individuals.  To learn more about this program CLICH HERE.

Program #3:  Discounts for Local Community Schools; Colleges; State & Local                                   Governments; Corporations; Nonprofit Agencies; and Businesses 

Qychex is a nonprofit energy and technology agency.  Therefore, we are able to provide many simple solutions for your business or organization regarding: "Electrical Parts and Accessories", "Lithium  Batteries"; and "Large Discounts on Volume Buying".  To learn more about this program, just contact us with your concerns and we will be happy to work with you.     

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