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Qychex 12 Volt 200 Ah LifeP04 Lithium Battery

Qychex 12 Volt 200 Ah LifeP04 Lithium Battery

ITBMS incluido

Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

The Qychex 12V 200 Amp Hour Rechargeable Battery, with "build-in" Battery Percentage/Voltage Monitor LED Readout, is a great replacement battery for Lead Acid batteries.  With our 12 Year Warranty against defects and or workmanship problems, you can be assured you are buying one of the best lithium batteries on the market.  The battery can be used as a direct replacement for: RV Auxiliary Power; Trolling Boat Power Supply; Solar Energy Storage; Camping Trips; Off-Grid Power Supply; Golf Cart Power Supply;  Emergency Backup Battery; UPS Power; and many more uses.   
Special Note: This battery can be operated up to 4 in Series Circuit.  And up to 8 Batteries in Parallel Circuit. 


Warranty: 12 Year Warranty (Against Defects, Workmanship Failure, or Defective Batteries)

Demisions: L: 21 x W: 11 x H: 9 

Weight: 60 lbs