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19 pcs M15 Single Pulley Block Set 6 pcs 304-Stainless Steel With Rope

19 pcs M15 Single Pulley Block Set 6 pcs 304-Stainless Steel With Rope

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  • Package includes: you will receive 6 pieces M15 single pulley blocks, 1 30-meter nylon pulley, 6 spring hooks and 6 aluminum crimping appearance sleeves, this wire rope crane pulley block set will meet your different needs
  • Quality materials: these M15 single pulley blocks and spring hooks are made of 304 stainless steel, their surface uses the technology of impact light treatment, making their structure strong and very durable, have strong resistance to rust and corrosion; The 30-meter nylon pulley rope is a solid braided polypropylene rope with toughness and it is not easy to break; The aluminum sleeves are very light and not easy to rust
  • Product specification: the length of the M15 single pulley is 2.44 inches/ 62 mm, the width is 0.83 inches/ 21 mm, and the load capacity (max) is 80 pounds/ 36 kg; The length of the spring hook is 1.95 inches/ 5 mm and the load capacity (max) is 119 pounds/ 54 kg; The length of the nylon pulley line is 1181 inches/ 30 meters, and the diameter of the rope is 0.15 inches/ 4 mm; The diameter of the aluminum crimping ring sleeve is 0.15 inches/ 4 mm
  • Easy to use: the design of a single pulley block is chic, the top is fixed, and it is easy to handle with the rope; Smooth roller provides a nice condition for rope to move, the pulley rotating cylinder cover is strong and durable, it can rotate 360 ​​degrees to prevent the rope from knotting; Spring snap hook is a multifunctional tool, which has the function of linking and fixing, it can easily bind 2 objects such as ropes, chains, as well as straps and also facilitate their disconnection
  • Wide applications: this pulley block set is widely applied for traction of wire rope or other rope tools, such as rope suspension traction in indoor and outdoor applications; You are able to make full use of this practical equipment even in camping, hiking, fishing, equipment, fitness, hanging wheels, mountaineering and other occasions
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