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Our World Of Water

"From The Past To The Present"

This below Emmy award-winning "Shadow Of Drought" video documentary, examines the severe drought California suffered from 2012 to 2016 and the consequences it had on the state’s complex water management system.  Despite recent wet winters, California’s water supply will continue to be threatened by ongoing population growth and more frequent droughts caused by climate change.​

California's Current Water Problems Video
Dated:  Sep 5, 2020

This Video on water, is a must watch video.  It explains why there are more cities at risk of disappearing underwater than you may think. .  Date: 2/23/2017

Mysterious Attacks by nature of water living organisms.  This is also a must watch video, that be able to help you physically.  Dated: 3/20/2021 

Can Sea Water be our way to solve our water shortages in the World?  The questions answered and more, in this video.  Dated: 9/11/2019

If you have concerns about the situations of water on our planet earth, then this video is for you.   Answers to  current situations about water.  Date: 4/17/2020 

Do you really know what's in the bottled water you are drinking.  Or how about the water in your own home.  Find Answers to these questions here.  Dated: 6/7/2019

Breakthrough provides a thought-provoking and imaginative perspective on scientific discoveries.  Their website is: Dated: 6/15/2015

Must Watch Video On Water Purification 

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