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 "Welcome To Our Off Grid Technology Advisor Services" 

Our Off Grid Technology Advisor Services, is provided for our members and website viewers.  Where we say: "That it is better to prepare for the worst, then to be sorry later".  Here we offer a variety of options for off grid living solutions and energy storage projects.  Please be advised that many of your off grid questions can be answered from the informative articles and materials that we have provided for you on our website.  Various answers to your off Grid questions, are provided throughout our website.  Take your time and look around, you will be amazed at the information that we have accumulated.   We do not counsel or give advice on "Food Prepping".   Just basic Off Grid Living Solutions.       

Tiny Home #2.jpg
Tiny Home #3.jpg

 Custom Built 
Tiny Homes 

Golden Gate Park   _edited.jpg
Forest Landscape_edited.jpg

 Off Grid Land 
For Sale 

280 Ah LifeP04 Battery.jpg
Qychex Batteries

 Custom Built 
Lithium Batteries 

Solar Panel
Solar Panels on Roof

 Off Grid Solar 
Panels & Solar Kits 

Army Soldiers

 Dooms Day  
Prepper Supplies

VHF Radio.png


Solar Power Generator.jpg

 Custom Built Solar    
Powered Generators 


 Portable Gas   
Generators & Inverters  

Off Grid Living  
Below Are Free Educational Magazines & Articles On Off Grid Living  

Must Watch Video Regarding
The Times We Now Live In

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